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About Us

We are an inclusive Buddhist community focused around meditation, Dharma talks, and open-minded discussions. 

Whether it's Zen, Tibetan, or Pure Land, we have teachers from all major sects of Buddhism here to guide you on your spiritual journey and self-development.

From what was a small weekly gathering in someone's home almost 20 years ago, slowly grew to the thriving Sangha community that we have today. 

Our community members are from all different backgrounds, countries, and cultures. No matter who you are or where you're from, you are welcomed here.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Share your thoughts with fellow friends and cultivators
  • Clarify Buddhist concepts with our esteemed instructors
  • Explore different topics
  • Access exclusive content on your desktop, tablet, or mobile app, available on iOS and Android
  • Save your favorite classes and events so you get notified before it starts.
  • Easily access and save course materials
  • …and much more!

A big Thank You!

Your membership contributions will help us host more events and invite special guests and cover their accommodations. 

With your support, the temple will continue to be a safe haven for anyone who seeks spiritual guidance and support in their lives, and continue to provide educational classes and lectures to the local Iowa community, U.S., and beyond.